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Best File Copier for Windows

When copying large and/or many files, a special program that can handle file conflicts, connection problems and so on can save you some time and frustration. Of course there are special solutions such as robocopy, rsync, unison and the like, but this post will target the Windows GUI user who uses Windows Explorer to copy files.

If you don’t like the default, build-in copy program in Windows, then you can replace it. Windows has a copy handler that can be taken over by another program. One very popular choice is TeraCopy, but in this post I will recommend the best gratis solution.

For a long time I used SuperCopier, but the new version 4 is not well documented, gives irritating notifications and has a version with some bitcoin miner or whatever. Anyhow, it has served me well for a long time, so in honor of the service done by it I will give you the SuperCopier icon.

SuperCopier 2 icon

After trying a few alternative copy handler programs, I think I can recommend NiceCopier to most users. From their homepage, I copied this screenshot below:


Another nice filecopy handler is KillCopy. It is more targeted to technical users and to people who love to use custom skins. You can and should the default skin that has some weird Russian stuff or unrecognized characters in it. I used the Sundown theme and then it looks like this:

sundown theme of killcopy

There are many others, like Talent Copy which I couldn’t download but looked promising for 64-bit systems, CopyHandler which is a mature, nice, well documented program, and FastCopy. Which one you would like best is a matter of personal tast. CopyHandler is great, but their default copy dialog is a bit too much for my taste, and their smaller alternative is just too small IMHO. The screenshots from the CopyHandler website are illustrative for that.

copyhandler main

And now the smaller alternative of the CopyHandler progress window:

copyhandler small

Sure there are many others out there, but hopefully I have covered the main contenders. Have fun with copying and moving your files around!

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