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Threads of Wokeness, governance, and special interest groups in the Stakeholder Model; maybe this subjects need more work.


Long-term profit for companies with the stakeholder model. However, metrics proposed by the WEF have ideological parts.


The concept model of Stakeholder Capitalism draws a solution to the previously described problems and hinting at possible implementations.


Human development and preserving our planet may be at odds with each other; how to find balance in a divided world.


Robots, AI and biotech will change jobs, taxation, or lives and our societies. We can learn from previous industrial revolutions on how to adapt.


Globalization is an ongoing process, bound to technology, trade routes, and empires. It can bring great benefits, but also risks, which must be balanced.


Polarization and societal division are on the rise. The green left vs. alt-right is not just ideological; economic issues and growing inequality drive this.


Asia's growth has been huge, but is unsustainable, according to this third chapter of the book. Still there is potential.


Global warming, slowing GDP, inequality, and the environment.


Are the authors somewheres or anywheres? In Ch.1 of the book, the post WO2 growth and stagnation is sketched.


Building back after COVID-19: taking into account all stakeholders. The preface of the book and how I'll do my review series.


An index of my review articles on the book Stakeholder Capitalism.