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Using the scrot screenshooter tool in XFCE using a schellscript. For advanced Linux users.


How to clone your Mac disk: an overview of various methods, some of which also apply to cloning disks using Linux.


zRAM maakt Linux en Android sneller. Windows heeft het nakijken.


How to add a custom filetype in the Linux desktop environment, with a custom MIME type, custom extension, and custom icon.


The Linux boot process can halt or exit to rescue mode when an external disk is unavailable or when an internal but non-critical disk is out of order. Use nofail to fix that.


How to use macvlan on the KVM hypervisor with macvtap on KVM guests so that the host and the guests can ping each other and behave like they are all on the same subnet (LAN).


Mijn installatie van GroupWise op een SLES server ging niet zo best. SLES is goed, maar de GroupWise installer kan beter...


Een paar hints voor je eigen server thuis.