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The Germanic priests of old used their own writing system called "runes". It was derived of the Etruskian alphabet, which is also the ancestor of the Roman (Latin) alphabet which we use today and is often called the Western alphabet. Click here to learn more about runes.

Now you can see the old alphabet (or more correctly: Futhark, after the first seven characters of their "alphabet") in action by just typing a sentence in the box below and then click on "Scribe". You can copy and paste the runes into a Unicode compatible editor like Word. Oh, you only see some stupid boxes? Then you need a font which supports the Unicode runic characters. Go to the font download page now! Or, for quick and easy results, select the "embedded" font.

Runes are taken from a few different Futharks. I try to conform to the Unicode mapping as close as possible. This results in a "Futhark" for modern usage, for example with Folkspraak.

Please note that this is a transcriber, not a translator. This online tool can transcribe Latin characters into runes. It uses unicode to encode the runic characters. Some combinations of latin characters will be replaced by only one rune because the runic futhark comes with a different character to sound scheme. See the mapping table!

Also available for download: a keyboard mapping for Windows 2000 / XP (OLD VERSION FOR DUTCH)

Limitations: No special chars, numbers, and so on. No handling of all long vowels. Optimized for Folkspraak, but gives good results for English and Dutch too.


Latin (ascii) --> Runic (unicode), a PHP learn project by Evert Mouw, The Netherlands
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