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Using the scrot screenshooter tool in XFCE using a schellscript. For advanced Linux users.


Does saving our civilization imply sexism and traditionalism? Thierry Baudet published an essay that sparked some debate. My take on it.


Various Office suites are compared. How do they preserve formatting of a Microsoft Word demo document when exporting to PDF?


An introduction to the themes


Some images, themes and symbols keep popping up in artwork, dreams, and even religions. Take for example the hero that fights a beast. Knight slays dragon. Or look around for fertility goddesses like Isis or Madonna. Symbols for the sun such as the Celtic cross, the swastika, sun disks, sun rays, and so on are known in nearly all cultures. Myths from all over the world often tell about the creation, a paradise lost, a deluge, heroes, and so on. Such basic themes or symbols are like templates or schemes and maybe they are encoded into our brains and stored in our genes.


How to create a reverse SSH tunnel so you can always login to your remote device.


How to clone your Mac disk: an overview of various methods, some of which also apply to cloning disks using Linux.


Using a permissive domain to get around a SELinux issue involving ping return packets for a CGI script.


PDF Page Label support tested for the most used PDF viewers.


How to install CoTurn to enable NAT traversal for SIP and XMPP clients.


Basic feedback on Solaris 11.2 beta.


Howto install Mercurial (Hg) web-based repository on Enterprise Linux 6.


NiceCopier and KillCopy are good copy programs for Windows.


The Realtek RTL8111 has some trouble with autonegotiating Ethernet link speed, which can cause network problems, e.g. not receiving DHCP traffic.


How to add a custom filetype in the Linux desktop environment, with a custom MIME type, custom extension, and custom icon.


Postfix, SASL and Unbound on RHEL 6: Installation notes are meant for my own future reference, others might benefit as well.


The Linux boot process can halt or exit to rescue mode when an external disk is unavailable or when an internal but non-critical disk is out of order. Use nofail to fix that.


How to use macvlan on the KVM hypervisor with macvtap on KVM guests so that the host and the guests can ping each other and behave like they are all on the same subnet (LAN).


A recent report on the euro from J.P.Morgan raised a few stirs. A short overview of the main discussion points, and my own opinion. Also a personal call for a new Hanseatic-style economic area.


What to do if the Microsoft SQL Server Agent service cannot start.


Five cowboy rules for men to follow for a happy life.